Earth Body Church Belief Statement


We believe that we are All One.

We are animate nature, children of the living body of the earth.

When we relate from a place of care to all parts of ourselves, whether within us, to plants, animals, or the Body of the Biosphere, in right relation, we co-create heaven on earth. Our purpose in the world is as stewards towards greater life and vibrance of nature, art, and joy.

We have incarnated into a physical body in this time to learn how to create new forms of love and care, and our body is our temple. We experience pleasure as a sacred act, and engage in movement medicine meditations.

Through honoring body sovereignty and increasing permission levels for play we can co-create the evolving edge of empathetic embodiment. We demonstrate healthy being through Being the change we wish to see in the world, as forces of justice and love, to the best of our abilities in each moment.

We connect to earth wisdom through immersion in nature and water, which we hold sacred, as a fractal representation of ourselves in vibrant balance and humility. We can connect to divinity within through sacraments for “the kingdom of God is within you”. There are spirits, dimensions, and wisdom that can only be accessed through sacraments, in right relationship. Different sacraments have different perspectives of divinity to reveal, and different forms can be more readily received based on where a congregant is on their spiritual path. 

 We welcome interfaith beliefs.

We gather ceremoniously, in integrity with our lineages, our ancestors, the land, and each other. 

We believe the sacred can also be silly. Humor, fun, and playfulness are encouraged, alongside other experiences of life, and all are holy.  

We seek guidance from our hearts. 

We embrace the mystery of where we have all come from and where we are going.

We connect to this mysterious primal source through prayer and adoration of divine Spirit.  

We believe that every sentient being has the divine right to pursue their unique sovereign Will. We believe the unique will of the individual holds the keys for their most harmonic and purposeful path in this lifetime.

We aim to feel the Primal creative source of the moment and experience this encounter with our entire souls and being.


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