Eco-Rapturous Embodied Spiritual Community

We are animate nature, children of the living body of the earth. When we relate from a place of care to all parts of ourselves, whether within us, to plants, animals, or the Body of the Biosphere, in right relation, we co-create heaven on earth. Our purpose in the world is as stewards towards greater life and vibrance of nature, art, and joy.


Ethical Trauma-Informed Somatic Spaceholding Training

Based on over 15 years of Psych Risk Reduction

Our Inspiration


Grateful to share my Lithuanian lineage as the last pagan stronghold of Europe and the spiritual technologies we engage : polyphonic trance-inducing singing, celebrating the wheel of the year, group dance, sauna / steam bath, and earth medicines

High Priestess
Jessica Sharp
Rev Sharp is a graduate of the Globe Institute Sound Healing school and Psychic Horizons. She received her a Ministry through the Church of Natural Grace and has been performing sound baths since 2018. Prior to dedicating her life to healing, she was a corporate Crisis Manager and Disaster Recovery planner.
Wilo Fabrizio

Wilo is an initiate of the Occult, a student of Shamanism, and an alchemical Artist having earned an MFA in Fashion Design.  She is dedicated to being an ever evolving channel to bring forth healing forces into this Earth Body.

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