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  • 10 week live video course with opportunity to ask questions

  • Access to a private Cohort-specific G4G community channel on Discord with lifetime access to recorded course content

  • Access to the G4G community Discord where one can make recommendations for additional areas of content development, submit case studies and queries for advice, and connect with a community of practice.

  • Lifetime access to all updated ‘Guide for Guides’ book content { including additional volumes or editions of the book }

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If you are unable to attend the live workshop, a recording will be provided through the Discord.


Cohort 1 Training Details 


Timing : Meeting 2x per week

Tuesdays & Thursdays

7 – 8:30 pm PST



Video meeting link sent to registered participants.

Certification provided upon completion of Coursework and Attendance at all Sessions.

Presentations will be recorded and shared with those who need to miss live sessions.


Workshop Outline :

Session 1 


Why write G4G?


The landscape : What the training terrain looks like – why this training is novel and needed – no one is getting into the granular details of what to look out for regarding red flags, specific questions that are helpful to ask the Guide, how to get on the same page of spaceholding style phliosophies.

Author Background


What is your background – what are you bringing to this work

What is your intention in taking this workshop

Intention on your healing path – for you, friends, the world?

Book Layout

Key Terminology


Any terms you would add?



4 encounter environments – how they differ

How Does Healing Happen?

What is your philosophy of healing ?

Personal stories of healing


Going over the Psychedelic Ethics Document – see how these themes thread throughout the workshops – look for any areas of challenge or paradox.


What do you want to learn? What do you see as missing from the landscape?


Session 2




Intention Setting

Journeyer Pre-Journey Questionnaire

How to Protect Yourself as a Journeyer

Guide Vetting

Areas of inquiry from Journeyer to Spaceholder:



Accountability Network

How to create this

Journeyer Post-Journey Journal Prompts


Ongoing Journaling

Guide Red Flags

Refusal to Refer

Never Saying “No”

Care Vulture / Caretaking Attachment Orientation

Over Attached to you being the cause of healing success

If you are over-identified in your personal narrative as a ‘master healer’

Cool / Social Hierarchy

Financial need / gain

You Do Not Know Your Triggers

When the Spaceholder’s Characteristics are a Trigger

Competitive Healing

Spiritual Narcissism


Session 3



4 fold consent model

Consent is – informed, freely given, retractable, enthusiastic

Informed consent

How to give informed consent when someone has never had psychedelics

Freely given – why it is important to dismantle power dynamics

Retractable – when safety is concern

Enthusiastic – when someone may have an unpleasant experience


Advanced topics

Touch and consent

Among friends

Sensuality and psychedelics


Session 4


Spaceholder Basics

Spaceholder Responsibility

Roles // Titles Invoke Different Levels of Responsibility

Common Baseline Psychedelic Spaceholding Agreements

Spaceholding Philosophies

Altered State Spaceholding

Journeyer and Spaceholder Alignment


Deciding on Dose

Classic Risk Reduction

Spaceholder Negotiation

Why Choose a Guide Over a More Passive Sitter / Spaceholder?

Steering Back to Intention From Distraction

Menu of Spaceholding Offerings

  1. Nonphysical Neutral Non-Active Presence
  2. Reality Reflector / Anchor
  3. Nature Guide / Transport
  4. Documenter / Recorder

Active presence / More involved

  1. Body Barometer
  2. Narrator
  3. Benefit Enhancement Active Presence
  4. Active Positive Presence {Maximum Benefit Enhancement}
  5. Therapeutic / Trained Role
  6. Physically Supportive Presence
  7. Medium Touch
  8. High Touch / Heavy Contact / Embodiment Expertise
  9. Human Weighted / Gravity Blanket
  10. ‘Laying on of Hands’ / Energetic Work
  11. Bodywork
  12. Inversions
  13. Light / Medium Bodywork / Massage
  14. Bodywork Surgery / Bodywork Ceremony
  15. Physical Trauma Release – No Touch
  16. Physical Trauma Release – Touch Through Cushions / Intermediate Medium
  17. Physical Trauma Release – Highly Direct

Extreme Spaceholding


Session 5


Spaceholding Techniques

Challenging Trips

Professional Spaceholding Tips

Increase Water Absorption


Muscle Cramps

Proper Preparation Promotes Pleasure

Somatic Techniques

Audible Relaxed Exhalation

Eye Gazing

Body Mirroring

Grounding Pressure

Safe, Loving Touch

Additional Techniques

Pre-Planned Techniques


Asking Why?



Session 6


From Spaceholder to Guide

Consent Around Capability / Capacity

What to do in Cases of a Lack of Experience in the Journeyer’s Intention


Screening for Contraindications

Informed Consent: Physical / Psyche Risk

Nocebo / Instilling Fear


Psychedelic Power Dynamics

A Good Guide Resonates with Your Inner Guide

Sketchy Shaman Warning Signs


Predatory Marketing

Selling Training Programs Through Touting Financial Benefits / High Pressure Marketing

Death by Lack of Support

Transformative / Restorative Justice for Psychedelic Abuses of Power

Emergency Situations

Audible Relaxed Exhalation + Air Sipping


Chemical Restraint

Real World Scenarios

Detailed Retelling of a Real Life Scenario


Session 7


Guide Guidelines

General Good Guideposts

Passive Spaceholding / Sitting Actions

Active Guiding: Intention Setting, Strengthening, and Reminding

Therapeutic Environment Guides

Therapeutic Concepts



Transference vs. Countertransference

Supervision = Super Vision

Cultural Competence

Caregiving and Consent

Advanced Spaceholding Ethics

Sexuality and Psychedelics

Redirecting Sexual Energy

Logistical Recommendations

Journeyer Preparatory Flow

Journeyer Packing List

Guide Preparatory Flow

Guide Packing List

Guide – Upon Arrival at the Space

Collaborative Space Preparation

Psychedelic Support: ”In the Wild”


Session 8



New Narratives: Creating Ego Spaciousness

Incarnate Integration

Guide Support During Integration

Guide Integration Support Actions

Challenging Integration



Session 9


Trauma-Informed Spaceholding Principals

The Humanimal Nervous System, Trauma, and Effective Interventions

Trauma Responses are Involuntary

Set up an Inner Sanctuary Space

Trauma-Informed Spaceholding

Nervous System Basics

Nervous System 101

Nervous System Nourishment 

Solo Self-Regulation Techniques for Generating Oxytocin

Bonus Partner and Group Methods:

Emergency Nervous System Regulation

Trauma and the Nervous System

Trauma Uninformed Pitfalls

What is Being Trauma-Informed?

I will accept the responsibility of removing myself from a therapeutic relationship if our needs and boundaries are incompatible.”

Toxic positivity

Children and Toxic positivity

Positivity Masking Denial / Enabling Unhealthy Inertia

Overcoming toxic positivity

Name to Tame

Reframe Emotions as Information


Gaslighting phrases

Therapy Gaslighting

Gaslight Worker / Spiritual Narcissist

Trauma-Informed Practice

Discharging Emotion

Challenging Closure


Harvesting from Anger

How Not to Retraumatize Someone

Maximize Choice

Special Consideration for Fawning

Referrals / Additional Training

Don’t Dredge Details

Share Information: Actively Equalize the Knowledge / Power Imbalance

Unbelievably High Tolerance

Western Trauma Literacy

Coherence Considerations


Session 10


Review and in depth question answering, topics not covered as thoroughly

Psychedelic Spaceholding Ethics

  1. Know Thyself:

Purpose / Motive Excavation:

Shadow Excavation





  1. Accessibility Activism: No One is Fully Free Until We All Are Free
  2. Disclosure / Transparency:


Deconstruct ‘Expert’ Power Dynamics

Dismantle Power Dynamics


Cross-Cultural Interactions


Session 4 

Consent: Contemplate Container + Boundaries Beforehand


Preemptive Consent

Responsibility / Relationship / Role:



Session space:

Neighbors to the session space:


Intention + Integration: Sustaining Support

Intention / Intake:

Pre-care / Median Care / Aftercare:


Competency / Screening:


Consider your capacity:


Self-Aware Self-Care:




Earth Body Church Guide Pledge


Glossary of Terms

Additional Support for Mapping Intentions

Journeyer Yes/No/Maybe List for Spaceholder Menu of Offerings

Ego Death Living Will

Visceral Visualization: Sanctuary Space Discovery

Sensing the well:

Nervous system nourishment and co // regulation

Rain Rhythm::

Festival Frontline Support Kit

Trauma-Informed Techniques

Trauma Literacy

Mindset: Trauma-informed Frames

Distraction Can Help Create Breathing Room

Working Backward

Motivating Momentum

Create Distance From the Situation

Self-Advice // Switching Roles

Practicing Challenging Conversations

Therapeutic Techniques

Loving Eye Gazing

Roleplay- Family constellations

Internal family systems – Comedy Alchemy: Curative Clowning

Trauma drama:

Somatic Experiencing

Music: The Hidden Therapist

Authors Background Extended



Donation Details 

The G4G Training is official EBC Training.

This offering is by donation  – finances should not be a barrier to accessing this work. If this level of donation is not possible for you, please email – we are happy to discover a method of energetic exchange that is joyful for you, including payment plans, work trade, future contributions, or a gift. Your generosity fuels accessibility to, and evolution of, this body of work.

The donation collected for the G4G Training facilitates the production of additional content.




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