A Donation to the G4G+ Community grants you :

  • Immediate current edition ‘Guide For Guides’ eBook download

  • Lifetime access to all updated ‘Guide for Guides’ book content { including additional volumes or editions of the book }

  • Access to the G4G community Discord where one can make recommendations for additional areas of content development, submit case studies and queries for advice, and connect with a Community of Practice.

Your participation in this Community of Practice encourages co-evolutionary growth. 

For example, if you comment upon areas that could be expanded or included, we will vet and consider adding or including your content in subsequent editions of volumes of the G4G Book. Please indicate if you would like the new content attributed to you, and to what name. 

The G4G Discord grants you access to an open channel of dialogue – a space for comments and questions to be asked and answered by the community. These have the potential to be added to co-evolutionary versions of G4G so we can collectively discover best practices. 

The G4G Discord is also a place to share anonymized case studies and ask for advice and support from the community. 



The G4G eBook that you gain access to through this donation is official EBC Literature.

The G4G eBook is the textbook for the G4G Training : for more information click here.

NOTAFLOF – no one turned away for lack of funds

This offering is by donation  – finances should not be a barrier to accessing this work. If this level of donation is not possible for you, please email eartbodychurch@gmail.com – we are happy to discover a method of energetic exchange that is joyful for you, including payment plans, work trade, future contributions, or a gift. Your generosity fuels accessibility to, and evolution of, this body of work and community.

The donation collected for the G4G+ Community facilitates the production of additional content and the thriving of this Community of Practice.



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