1. Earth Body Tending : Beach clean up.


The broader Earth Body is grateful when you pick up trash and MOOP {matter out of place}!

Trash pickup is a great way to get your squats in {better functional movement using the big muscles of glutes then bending from the back or waist}.

Send a direct message to find out what areas we are Tending to when you are available to join. Feel free to suggest beaches in the cumments that need love as well.

So much trash was collected yesterday, likely from the power of the winter storms.

Mostly plastic : bottle caps, straws, bottles, and single use items, including several flossers, and many small bits.

Most concerning was a hypodermic needle.

Several plastic blunt mouthpieces and cannab¡s packaging.

Let us all consider the impact of our choices and get durable reusable goods, such as metal drinking straws, local flower in eco packaging, and use biodegradable floss.

If you would like us to send the materials found to you for art making, let us know!

The greater earth body is grateful for your care.

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