Blessed Samhain

¡Blessed Samhain!

Pronounced Sow-wen {sow as in pig, wen as when}, Oct 31st is the greatest Sabbat in the Wheel of the Year, signaling the end of the light of summer and the descent into the darkness of winter and the underworld. Samhain is the end of the harvest when the Goddess enters her Crone phase.
Samhain is considered the ‘Magical New Year’ when the pagan calendar resets. Pagan ‘days’ begin in the night, and Samhain is celebrated starting the night of October 31st.

This day is considered a liminal ‘time outside of time’ when the veils between the worlds are thin, causing the ancestors, fae, and denizens of the underworld to walk the earth.

The tradition of wearing costumes came from dressing up in disguise to confuse the spirits and deter them from being able to trick you on the ‘night of mischief’.

Ways to celebrate Samhain :
Make an ancestor altar honoring those who have passed.
Have a silent meal where you set a place and fill a spirit plate for your departed ancestors. After the meal, it is customary to offer the plate to someone less fortunate or to leave the plate outside for the fae.
Carve vegetables as Jack o lanterns {the original jack o lantern was a turnip to ward off negative spirits, but turnips are harder to carve than pumpkins}
Go on a nature walk taking in the sensations of the changing season, reflecting on how allowing death sets a fertile stage for new life {contemplate how leaves falling and decaying create rich soil for the forest}.
Hold a fire ceremony: consider the countless lives of predecessors that made it possible for you to be here now, and write a thank you letter to your ancestors for your life and the lessons learned from them.

Write down ancestral / generational patterns you want to let go of and carefully burn them in a fire-safe pot, hearth, or bonfire. You can also light a candle and offer these Reflections while gazing into the flame.
Visit a cemetery and care for the graves.
📸 Amy Cinna Lee

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