¡ Blessed Yule !


¡ Blessed Yule !

Yule is also known as Winter Solstice, or the time when the night is the longest, the deepest point of Winter.

On the darkest night of the year we welcome back the light.

This is the time to bid the Crone farewell and honor the return of the Maiden. Although winter is here, life lies dormant beneath the soil, sleeping and dreaming.

How to celebrate Yule :

🎄Sweep negative or stagnant energy from your spaces :

🎄Declutter and sort through your belongings : if you have not used or thought about an item in years and it is not bringing you Joy, donate or gift it.

🎄Clean your windows and nirrors : allow more light in by clearing the portals for the sun to come through.

🎄Burn a large Yule log in your fireplace, wood stove, or outdoor fire pit.

🎄Decorate the Yule Tree.

🎄Go caroling or sing to yourself.

Journal prompts :

🎄What new seeds have you discovered in the winter that you will fruit for yourself when the planting season returns?

🎄How will you harvest the knowledge of the Crone, changing yourself to maintain your spirit throughout the cold months?

🎄Themes : New beginnings, rebirth, transformation, getting rid of unwanted habits, creativity.

🎄Altar / Adornment / Symbols : evergreens, Yule log, Yule tree, mistletoe, Holly, wreaths, bells, Ivy, Laurel, Bayberry, Blessed Thistle, Frankincense, Pine, Sage, Yellow Cedar.

🎄Colors of Yule : white, green, red, gold, silver.

May your Holy Holly Days be Merry and Bright,

Reverend Razma
High Priestess
Earth Body Temple

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